Brief Introduction of Shanghai -Economic Profile of 2019

Population 24.28 Million
GDP USD 55.31 Billion (YoY +6.0%)
FDI USD 19.05 Billion (YoY +10.1%)
Total Trade Volume USD 493.5 Billion (YoY +0.1%)
Value of Exports USD 198.9 Billion (YoY +0.4%)
Value of Imports USD 294.6 Billion (YoY -0.1%)

Source: 2019 National Economic and Social Development of Shanghai



Shanghai Trade in goods with Macao in 2019

Flow US dollar (million) Commodity and its HS Code
Export 100.7 Cigarettes containing tobacco(HS:24022000); Wireless telephone handsets(incl. installed in vehicle) (HS:85171210); Mini-computers, with at least a CPU & an input/output unit (HS:84714120)
Import 3.6 Copper-clad board used to print circuit, of refined copper(HS:74102110); Other bakers’ wares; communion/sealing wafers, rice paper, etc. (HS:19059000); Plates/sheets of PE with glass fibres, cellular(HS:39219020)
Import and Export 104.3

Comment: “export” means Shanghai exports to Macao; “import” means Shanghai imports from Macao.

Source: Customs statistics


Shanghai Trade in goods with Portuguese-speaking Countries in 2019

Portuguese-speaking Countries Flow US dollar(one hundred million) Commodity and its HS Code
Angola Export 0.41 Machinery for making up paper pulp, paper’ paperboard nes(HS:84418090); Filtering’ purifying machinery & apparatus for liquids nes (HS:84212990); Footwear with rubber… soles, leather uppers, not covering the ankle (HS:64039900)
Import 0.38 Liquefied butanes, nes(HS:27111390); Propane, liquefied(HS:27111200); Other tropical wood, in the rough(HS:44034990)
Import and Export 0.79
Brazil Export 19.37 Coke & semi-coke (HS: 27040010); Opacifying prep. for X-ray examinations; diagnostic reagents… (HS:30063000); Container loading and unloading bridges (HS:84261942)
Import 79.22 Yellow soya beans, not for cultivation(HS:12019010);  Non-agglomerated iron ores & concentrates, 0.8≤avrg granularity<6.3 mm (HS:26011120); Frozen boneless bovine meat (HS:02023000)
Import and Export 98.59
Cape Verde Export 0.00246 Special purpose motor vehicles nes(HS:87059099); Orthopaedic or fracture appliances(HS:90211000); Articles of B2C cross-border e-commerce(HS:98050000)
Import 0.00009757 Men’s or boys’ trousers, breeches, nes, of cotton(HS:62034290); Plates/sheets/flm/foil/strip of polytetrafluoroethylene, non-cellular(HS:39209910); Suspension systems (shock-absorbers) & parts for 87.03(HS:87088010)
Import and Export 0.00256
Guinea Bissau Export 0.00305 Sanitary ware & parts thereof, i/s, nes, for example bedpans, douche cans(HS:73249000); Absorbent cotton, bandage, gauzes for retail sale(HS:30059010); Structure/parts nes, prepd plate, rods etc for struct, i/s(HS:73089000)
Import 0.00232 Tropical rosewood, in the rough(HS:44034980); Other integrated circuits, as memories(HS:85423290); Parts of pumps for liquids(HS:84139100)
Import and Export 0.00537
Mozambique Export 0.29 Flat rlld prod, i/nas, painted, varnish./coated with plastics, w≥600mm, thickness<1.5m(HS:72107010); Boards/panels/bases for elec cntrl/distribu nes, volt〉1,000 V(HS:85372090); Excavators, track-mounted, with a 360° revolving superstructure(HS:84295212)
Import 0.49 Natural graphite in flakes(HS:25041010); Rubies/sapphires/emeralds, otherwise worked(HS:71039100); Other tropical wood, in the rough(HS:44034990)
Import and Export 0.78
Portugal Export 3.18 Multi-purpose motor vessels(HS:89019050); Other integrated circuits, as processors and controllers(HS:85423190);  Other compounds containing a quinoline or isoquinoline ring-system (whether or not hydrogenated), not further fused(HS:29334900)
Import 3.77 T-shirts, singlets & other vests, of cotton, knitted or crocheted(HS:61091000); Jerseys, pullovers, etc, of cotton, knitted or crocheted(HS:61102000); Footwear with rubber… soles, leather uppers, not covering the ankle (HS:64039900)
Import and Export 6.95
São Tomé and Príncipe Export 0.00026 B- ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus(HS:90181210); Electric lamps & lighting fittings, nes(HS:94054090); Laser printers, of a kind solely used in the machines of heading 84.71(HS:84433212)
Import 0.00005 Other integrated circuits, as processors and controllers(HS:85423190); Parts nes of machinery of headings Nos. 84.26, 84.29, 84.30(HS:84314999); Other articles of plastics, nes(HS:39269090)
Import and Export 0.00031
East Timor Export 0.056 Tubes & pipes & hoses of vulcanized rbbr, reinforced with metal, with fittings(HS:40092200); Structure/parts nes, prepd plate, rods etc for struct, i/s(HS:73089000); Portland cement (excl. white) (HS:25232900)
Import 0.21 Propane, liquefied(HS:27111200); Liquefied butanes, nes(HS:27111390); Coffee, not roasted or decaffeinated(HS:09011100)
Import and Export 0.26

Comment: “export” means Shanghai exports to Portuguese-speaking Countries; “import” means Shanghai imports from Portuguese-speaking Countries.

Source: Customs statistics


Update Time: April in 2020