Brief Introduction of Jiangsu Province-Economic Profile of 2019

Population 80.7 Million
GDP USD 1,444.25 Billion (YoY +6.1%)
FDI USD 26.1 Billion (YoY +2.1%)
Total Trade Volume USD 628.83 Billion (YoY -1.0%)
Value of Exports USD 394.41 Billion (YoY +2.1%)
Value of Imports USD 234.42 Billion (YoY -5.7%)

Source: 2019 National Economic and Social Development of Jiangsu Province


Jiangsu Province Trade in goods with Macao in 2019

Flow US dollar (million) Commodity and its HS Code
Export 55.3 Tetracycline derivatives & their salts thereof(HS: 29413020); Electric cable, without connectors, 80V<volt≤1,000 V≤1000V(HS: 85444921); Other Parts of apparatus of heading 85.17(HS: 85177090)
Import 2.6 Copper-clad board used to print circuit, of refined copper(HS: 74102110); Articles of B2C cross-border e-commerce(HS: 98050000); Parts and accessories of instruments/appliances of 90.26(HS: 90269000)
Import and Export 57.9

Comment: “export” means Jiangsu Province exports to Macao; “import” means Jiangsu Province imports from Macao.

Source: Customs statistics


Jiangsu Province Trade in goods with Portuguese-speaking Countries in 2019

Portuguese-speaking Countries Flow US dollar(one hundred million) Commodity and its HS Code
Angola Export 1.50 Flat rlld prod, i/nas, painted, varnish./coated with plastics, w≥600mm, thickness<1.5m (HS: 72107010); Textured yarn of polypropylene, not for retail sale(HS: 54023400); Excavators, track-mounted, with a 360° revolving superstructure(HS: 84295212)
Import 2.93 Petroleum oils  &oils obtained from bituminous minerals, crude(HS: 27090000); Propane, liquefied(HS: 27111200); Liquefied butanes, nes(HS: 27111390)
Import and Export 4.43
Brazil Export 58.64 Solar cells(HS: 85414020); Other organo-phosphorous derivatives (HS: 29313990); Other integrated circuits, as processors and controllers (HS: 85423190)
Import 83.47 Yellow soya beans, not for cultivation(HS: 12019010); Non-agglomerated iron ores & concentrates, 0.8≤avrg granularity<6.3 mm (HS: 26011120); Semi- or bleached non-coniferous chemical wood pulp, soda…, nes(HS: 47032900)
Import and Export 142.11
Cape Verde Export 0.075 Other ceramic flags/paving/hearth or wall tiles, water absorption by weight≤0.5%, excl. mosaic/finishing ceramic(HS: 69072190); Other machines and app. having individual functions, nes(HS: 85437099); Aluminium doors, windows & their frames & thresholds for doors(HS: 76101000)
Import 0 /
Import and Export 0.075
Guinea Bissau Export 0.014 Women’s or girls’ jackets, of cotton, knitted or crocheted(HS: 61043200); Isolating/make-and-break switches, 220kV<voltage≤750kV(HS: 85353020); Wire, i/nas, plated or coated with zinc(HS: 72172000)
Import 0.00137 Wood of rosewood, sawn lengthwise, thick>6mm(HS: 44072940)
Import and Export 0.015
Mozambique Export 1.63 Mineral/chemical fertilizers with nitrogen, phosphorus & potassium(HS: 31052000); Slices/chips of poly(ethylene terephthalate), viscosity number≥78 ml/g(HS: 39076110); Flat rlld prod, i/nas, painted, varnish./coated with plastics, w≥600mm, thickness<1.5m(HS: 72107010)
Import 0.24 Titanium ores & concentrates(HS: 26140000); Other tropical wood, in the rough(HS: 44034990); Sesamum seeds, not for cultivation(HS: 12074090)
Import and Export 1.87
Portugal Export 7.61 Solar cells(HS: 85414020); Liquid crystal display panel(HS: 90138030); Printed circuits of more than 4 layers(HS: 85340010)
Import 1.28 Parts for radar or radio-navigational aid apparatus(HS: 85299050); Ethylene(HS: 29012100); Taps, cocks & similar appliances, nes(HS: 84818090)
Import and Export 8.89
São Tomé and Príncipe Export 0.00700 Diapers and napkins for babies, of any materials(HS: 96190011); Other flat rlld prod, i/nas, painted, varnish./coated with plastics, w≥600mm(HS: 72107090); Kerosene cooking stoves, i/s(HS: 73211210)
Import 0.00006 Machinery parts, non-electrical, nes(HS: 84879000); Flexible tubes, pipes & hoses, with a burst pressure≥27.6MPa(HS:39173100)
Import and Export 0.00706
East Timor Export 0.078 Bars & rods, alloy s, o/t stainls nfw than hot rld/drawn/extrud, nes (HS: 72283090); Bars & rods, alloy s, o/t stainless hr, in irregularly wound coils, nes (HS: 72279090); Tubes & pipe, i/s, riveted/sim closed, ext dia〉406.4mm, nes(HS: 73059000)
Import 0.00004 Other integrated circuits, as memories(HS: 85423290); Jerseys, pullovers, etc, of man-made fibres, knitted or crocheted(HS: 61103000)
Import and Export 0.078

Comment: “export” means Jiangsu Province exports to Portuguese-speaking Countries; “import” means Jiangsu Province imports from Portuguese-speaking Countries.

Source: Customs statistics


Update Time: April in 2020