In a major tourism destination such as Macao, smart tourism is an integral part of Macao’s transformation into a smart city.

Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, Director of the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO), said her office would be ready to launch new technology to further the city’s smart tourism development in 2019, including a “tourism information interchange platform”, an “application for visitor insights” and a “smart application for visitor flows”.

According to MGTO, in addition to big data, service robots and chatbots would be used to enhance the visitor experience in Macao.

The new offering was developed in partnership with Alibaba Cloud, a subsidiary of Mainland Chinese technology giant Alibaba Group, under the “Framework Agreement of Strategic Co-operation on Smart City Development”, signed by the Macao SAR Government and Alibaba Group in 2017.

Ms Senna Fernandes said in a press conference in December 2018 that the three projects are close to completion and are expected to come into service in “early 2019”. She also believes the three projects will lead to greater conveniences for visitors, the city’s tourism industry and for Macao residents.

Thus far, MGTO has already implemented a range of smart tourism initiatives for residents and visitors alike, such as new mobile applications, interactive information screens, and the “Gastronomy Map” website.