Annual International Economic and Trade Event with Business Delegates from All Over the World to Create Business Opportunities
The 17th Macao International Trade and Investment Fair (MIF) Held in October

The 17th MIF is scheduled to be held at the Convention & Exhibition Centre in the Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel from 18 to 21 October 2012 (Thursday to Sunday).

After many years’ development, “Macao International Trade and Investment Fair” (MIF) is a major annual international economic and trade event in the region. Its content has been enriched over the years, and greater numbers of regions and business professionals recognise the role of MIF as a platform for communication and co-operation. The 17th MIF is scheduled to be held at the Convention & Exhibition Centre in the Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel from 18 to 21 October 2012 (Thursday to Sunday).

In recent years, greater numbers overseas exhibitors and visitors have come to MIF.

This year MIF will continue to play the role as a communication and co-operation platform between business professionals and friends from all over the world in the form of an exhibition, high level forum and meetings, special promotional activities and business matching sessions. At the same time through the annual international economic and trade event, and a meetingpoint for local and overseas business visitors, MIF aims introduce new investment projects, promote the moderate economic diversification of Macao, fully utilise Macao’s role as a business and trade service platform, assist local and overseas companies, especially SMEs, to explore the Portuguese-speaking Countries markets and other international markets and assist companies from other countries and regions to enter the Mainland market.

MIF serve as a networking platform of co-operation and exchanges for cultural and creative industry related enterprises.

Highlights of the Fair Enriched Content

MIF is the first exhibition in Macao to be granted UFI certification. Last year a total of 350 economic and trade delegations from 60 countries and regions attended the fair, the total number of visitors reached 95,000 person/times with more than 5,700 being business professionals. There were 1,502 business matching sessions and 81 agreements signed. MIF, as the brand event for regional economic and trade co-operation, has in various ways promoted the closer relationship between the Mainland (especially the Pan Pearl River Delta region), Portuguese-speaking Countries, the EU and other countries. It has promoted bilateral trade and investment by holding trade and investment exhibitions, forums and meetings, business matching sessions, and procurement consultations. It has helped the integration of capital, resources, technology, and extended its services to promote diverse collaboration among companies.

MIF is the first exhibition in Macao to be granted UFI certification.

This year MIF will use the theme of “Co-operation–Key to Business Opportunities”, to further promote economic and trade reciprocation between local companies, the Mainland and Portuguese-speaking Countries by utilising Macao’s unique diverse cultural environment and its role as a regional business and trade service platform and help it to become an economic and trade co-operation and communication platform between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries.

MIF fully utilise Macao’s role as a business and trade service platform.

In order to improve the effectiveness and attractiveness of the fair, based upon the experience of past years and suggestions collected from exhibitors and visitors, MIF will introduce the following highlights in this year’s work plan:

• Give Full Play to the Function of Regional Cooperation and Strengthen the Role of Business and Trade Service Platform

On the basis of deepening traditional regional co-operation, MIF will further strengthen Macao’s role as a regional business and trade service platform, gather entrepreneurs from home and abroad and provide a quality and highly efficient business and trade service platform, in particular, a trade and economic service platform between Mainland China and Portuguese-speaking Countries.

• Improve Contents in Themed Pavilions to Open Tremendous Business Opportunities for Trade Visitors

In order to create more business opportunities for trade visitors, MIF this year will improve the products displayed in the Cultural and Creative Industries Pavilion and investment projects pavilions and augment the International SME and International Pavilion, so as to open Mainland
China and overseas markets.

• Develop Business Opportunities in New Areas to Deepen Guangdong-Macao Co-operation

To reinforce collaboration between Guangdong and Macao, on the basis of the “Framework Agreement on Co-operation between Guangdong and Macao”, the 17th MIF intends to set up pavilions for investment projects in Guangzhou (Nansha), Shenzhen (Qianhai) and Zhuhai (Hengqin), where major investors will be invited to display business development opportunities and help SMEs’ gain a better understanding of these regions and therefore study and explore more development prospects and seize business opportunities.

• Professional Fashion Shows to Nurture Talent in the Industry

To support the healthy development of the industry, MIF will continue to work with Cultural Affairs Bureau and the Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre in setting up pavilions
for the cultural and creative industry and put on fashion shows. It will serve as a networking platform for co-operation and exchanges for the cultural and creative industry related enterprises, designers/design institutions, brand operators and garment manufacturers.

• Enhance Multi-Destination Service to Maximise Business Opportunities

In order to boost the results gained by participants, MIF will continue to actively organise trade visitors to visit the Canton Fair and invite them to participate in fact finding missions to Guangzhou (Nansha),Shenzhen (Qianhai) and Zhuhai (Hengqin). With the “One-trip, Multi-stop Service”, MIF strives to provide the most effective business opportunities for exhibitors and trade visitors.

• A Wide Spectrum of Professional Visitors will be invited to Promote Diverse Business Matching

This year’s MIF will strengthen services for specially invited buyers and trade visitors from well-known enterprises and themed pavilions plus it will provide the “Convention and Exhibition Through Train” and “Incentives for Professional Visitors Participating in MIF” Programmes. The exhibitors will be offered specialised matching services so as to enhance the effectiveness of business matching and project negotiations.

There were 1,502 business matching sessions and 81 agreements signed during last year’s MIF.
To support the development of Macao’s cultural and creative industry, MIF has increased related elements in the last two years.

In recent years, greater numbers overseas exhibitors and visitors have come to MIF. Exhibitors from many Mainland provinces, ASEAN, the Americas, Europe and Portuguese-speaking Countries are increasingly active in their participation. There are also a series of themed exhibition pavilions for different regions, special exhibition and themed commodity exhibition areas. This year MIF will continue to hold high-level forums and meetings, investment promotion seminars for various regions, and presentations to introduce a wide array of projects, with the aim of gathering people to promote communication and co-operation.

To support the development of Macao’s cultural and creative industry, MIF has, in the past two years, been adding related elements, set up a special exhibition hall and arranged promotional activities. This year, the comprehensive cultural industry fair in the Mainland, the China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair, will set up an exhibition area in MIF. This is the first time that another famous Fair has shared the new opportunities with MIF in the form of a side exhibition.

The fair also assists local and overseas companies, especially SMEs, to explore Portuguese-speaking Countries and other international markets.
This year the fair will once again hold networking cocktail for industries.

This year MIF will improve the organisation of the forums, conferences, business matching sessions and themed activities. In order to make the forums and activities more effective, the fair this year will once again hold a networking cocktail party for industries to provide exhibitors and buyers with a platform to create business opportunities. On business matching, the fair will continue to serve businesses from Macao and other places (especially SMEs), enhance its role as a platform, and try to promote more business cooperation between Macao, the Mainland, and other countries and regions.

The 17th Macao International Trade and Investment Fair (17th MIF)
Dates: 18 to 21 October 2012 (Thursday to Sunday)
Venue: the Convention & Exhibition Centre in Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel

MIF is Macao’s largest annual international economic and trade event. It includes an exhibition, high-level forums and conferences, special promotional activities, business matching sessions and other activities. In 2011 business delegates from more than 60 countries and regions participated. The total number of visitors reached 95,000 person/times, with more than 5,700 business professionals. There were 1,502 business matching activities and 81 agreements signed during the fair.

Contact information:
The MIF Administrative and Service Centre
Address: Avenida da Praia Grande, n° 367. Edf. Keng Ou, 3° andar, Macau
Tel: 853-2882-8711
Fax: 853-2882-8722

Macao Franchise Expo (MFE) Enters Its 4th Year
Exclusive Interview with Mr. Jackson Chang, President of Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute

The “Macao Franchise Expo” has become an international portal for franchising and chain brand business.

In recent years, Macao’s retail industry has shown ideal development. According to statistics, the total sales value of Macao’s retail industry reached MOP 43.34 billion in 2011, 42% more than last year. With the growth of the overall retail business, an ever increasing number of internationally renown brands have entered Macao through franchising and other modes providing a more diverse range of products and services for local residents and more than 28 million visitors to Macao every year. Local SMEs have profited from a large number of successful cases that have upgraded and transformed via franchising. In order to support this trend, since 2009 Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) has joined counterparts on the Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Portuguese-speaking countries to organize Macao Franchise Expo (MFE). The size of the Expo, the numbers of international participators and brands have been increasing continuously.

Mr. Jackson Chang, President of Macao Trade and InvestmentPromotion Institute

As MFE enters its fourth year, Jackson Chang, President of IPIM gave an exclusive interview to Macao Image, sharing his views on work done by IPIM to promote brand franchising and information on the 2012 MFE to be held from 6 to 8 July this year.

Work Done to Promote Brand Franchising Business

President of IPIM Jackson Chang first of all said, in recent years many international brands have come to Macao in the form of franchising, chain-operations and licensing. Local businesses, especially SMEs, are paying more and more attention to this trend. Therefore, as early as 2008, IPIM started working on franchising and brand co-operation, such as: organisation of themed seminars, workshops, business matching sessions, thematic websites, and set up a “Franchising Area” in major exhibitions. In recent years IPIM also arranged for local businesses to attend related exhibitions and activities in Taiwan and other regions, winning positive feedback. Jackson Chang also mentioned that, besides the middle and high end consumer market, the number of mass retail shops, franchising stores and chain stores have also increased in recent years. Local associations for franchising and brand co-operation have been established and their presence is growing. One can say that local economic and trade departments, chambers of commerce and businesses have all conducted a series of work to follow the market trend. MFE has been growing over the last few years with a great deal of effort from organisers, exhibitors, visitors and local businesses. This could not be achieved without a concerted effort, especially the support of local chambers of commerce and enterprises.

The number of mass retail shops, franchising stores and chain stores have also increased in recent years.

2012 MFE Has Numerous Highlights

Since its inception in 2009, MFE has always been improving the work of the exhibitions, according to market changes in order to become more functional and attractive,such as adding new elements and services. 2011 MFE had 206 booths,12,948visitor/times,1,196business matching sessions and the signing of 21 co-operation agreements. Compared to 2009, MFE has achieved obvious growth in the number of exhibitors, brands, exhibition areas, business matching, consultation and visitor/times.

Jackson Chang gave the following highlights of 2012 MFE:

It is more international, most exhibitors are from overseas, they are mainly from ASEAN countries, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, France, South Korea and Taiwan. Professional buyers are mostly from overseas and southern China. Cover more industries, such as catering, retail, service, education, garments, beauty healthcare, leisure and entertainment, marketing / consultation / investment projects, and finance / real estate. A business support service will be another important element of the Expo, such as: 1. “one-stop” service on Macao’s economy, trade and legal consultation; 2. marketing; 3. financing information consultation; 4. shop rental consultation. 2012 MFE will work with related business organizations in China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to showcase successful cases of brand re-packaging and specialists will provide on-site consultation services in areas such as brand building, innovation and re-packaging for MFE participants, and again provide a food tasting zone for the catering industry, “MFE Plaza” and multi-function zone with performances.

The Macao Franchise Expo (2012 MFE) will open in July 2012.

Professional forums and meetings are also key elements of the Expo. The total number of forums in the 2012 MFE will be increased to four, including “Forum on Chain and Franchise Business Opportunities of International Brands – International Strategy for Franchise and Chain Store Industry” and thematics forums and conferences held by Macao International Brand Enterprise Commercial Association, Macau Chain Stores and Franchise Association and Association of Chain and Franchise Promotion, Taiwan to give SMEs and start-ups more information on the franchising industry and its opportunities.

Based upon previous years’ experience, the Expo will continue to promote exhibitors in a variety of forms through various channels to get in touch with local and overseas businesses. At the same time, increased participation of exhibitors and visitors will also help to encourage more effective consultation and co-operation. What is more, the Expo also paid close attention to suggestions and feedback from all sources. According to questionnaire survey results from the 2011 MFE, people paid more attention to the franchising of catering and retail industries. Therefore, this year the Expo will invite more brands and franchising businesses with local features in order to satisfy the market needs.

Build a Display Centre for Franchising Business

Talking about future development, Jackson Chang indicated, MFE has gradually become a platform to display brand enterprises and to help start-up investors. It is satisfying to see that local and overseas business associations have together been working very hard in recent year to build this Expo into one of the largest international brand franchising exposition in the region. The Expo will also draw on experiences accumulated in past years, to cope with Macao’s moderate economic diversification, regional co-operation and the development of SMEs, introduce overseas businesses to Macao and assist local brands to “go global”.

21 co-operation agreements were signed in 2011 MFE.

In fact, the reason that the Expo changed its Chinese name in 2011 is to better play the role as an international portal to allow local SMEs and businesses in neighbouring regions to enhance communication via MFE, establish a platform for franchising and international chain brand co-operation and build MFE and the Macao market into a display centre for franchising business.


With the continual development of the convention & exhibition industry, Macao organises several dozen exhibitions every year. All kinds of thematic exhibitions are held one after another, attracting more and more professional exhibitors and visitors from around the world. We are looking forward to an improved MFE and other special themed activities.

Further Information on Macao
Franchise Expo: 2012 MFE:

Organised by Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM), Brazilian Franchise Association (ABF), Association of Chain and Franchise Promotion, Taiwan (ACFPT), Macao International Brand Enterprise Commercial Association (MIBA), Macau Chain Stores and Franchise Association (MCFA), and Licensing and Franchising Association of Hong Kong (LFA), supported by China Chain Store & Franchise Association (CCFA), International Franchise Association (IFA) and Japan Franchise Association (JFA), co-organised by Korea Franchise Association, Malaysian Retailer-Chains Association, Philippine Franchise Association and Thailand Franchise Association, the “Macao Franchise Expo 2012“ (2012MFE) will be held from 6 –8 July 2012 in the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel Hall D.

Holding and Attending Mainland and Overseas Exhibitions
Promote International Exchange of Macao’s Convention & Exhibition Industry

Chief Executive Chui Sai On witnesses the signing ceremony of co-operative agreements between Anhui and Macao.

The Convention & Exhibition industry is a priority for Macao SAR Government in its promotion of moderate economic diversification. In recent years, Macao’s C&E industry has been growing rapidly. In 2012, “Macao Guangzhou Famous Products Fair” was held in Guangzhou, while “Dynamic Macao Business and Trade Fair” was held in Hefei, Anhui province. Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) organised a business delegation to attend the “17th International Trade Fair for the Portuguese Food and Beverage” (SISAB2012) in Portugal. The performance of the C&E industry is encouraging; it also shows that Macao SAR Government is committed to taking Macao’s C&E industry to a new level of growth via regional economic and trade co-operation, especially with the Mainland.

Chief Executive Chui Sai On tours the “Dynamic Macao Business and Trade Fair • Anhui, Hefei”.

“Dynamic Macao Business and Trade Fair” moves to Hefei

In first quarter of this year, “Dynamic Macao Business and Trade Fair” moved to Hefei city in Anhui province, to highlight promotion of Macao products and regional co-operation. Chief Executive Chui Sai On attended the event in Hefei with a SAR Government delegation. A Macao business delegation of around 400 entrepreneurs and exhibitors also attended “Dynamic Macao Business and Trade Fair”.

Many signing ceremonies were conducted after the opening ceremony on 23 March. Companies from Anhui and Macao signed a series of co-operation agreements on cultural tourism projects, online animation design and hotel construction. The total investment amount exceeded RMB 2 billion. What is more, collaboration agreements were signed between the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Anhui Council and Industrial Association of Macau and Macao Importers and Exporters Association, Anhui Cultural Industry Promotion Association and Macao Creative Industry Association, the Anhui Provincial Tourism Administration and the Macao Government Tourist Office.

Organisers of the event not only showcased Macao’s economic development and promoted products “Made in Macao” in a diverse exhibition area, but also conducted economic and trade promotion activities with the Permanent Secretariat to the Forum for Economic and Trade Co-operation between China and Portuguese speaking Countries (Macao) during the event. More than 40 delegates from seven Portuguese-speaking countries attended “Dynamic Macao Business and Trade Fair • Anhui, Hefei”. They used Macao as a platform to promote their tourism, culture and products hoping that companies from Anhui would be attracted to invest in Portuguesespeaking countries and products from these countries could enter the Mainland China market via Macao.

“Dynamic Macao Business and Trade Fair” has been held in the cities of Beijing, Changchun, Jilin province; Chongqing, Fujian; Nanjing, Jiangsu province; Nanning, Guangxi province; Shanghai and Zhengzhou, Henan province since 2009. More than 170 co-operation projects have been achieved with total value of more than MOP 8 billion.

Governor Li Bin of Anhui province said, since the implementation of “Mainland and Macao Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement” (CEPA) and the opening of direct flights between Anhui and Macao, the movement of people and economic and trade relations have been growing very quickly. Macao has become the fifth largest tourism market and the second largest group tour destination for Anhui residents. The “Dynamic Macao Business and Trade Fair” introduced a variety of products to the people of Anhui and entertained them with magnificent cultural performances. It is hoped that the two sides could further enhance friendship and promote communication and co-operation on a wider scale in future.

Mr. Tam Pak Yuen, Secretary for Economy and Finance of Macao SAR said in his opening remarks, since the hand-over of Macao, the economic and trade, tourism and cultural communications have become more and more frequent. Collaboration between the two sides has become closer and closer and has expanded in a multitude of areas and levels. Macao will continue to enhance co-operation with Hefei and the province as a whole, especially by utilising its platform role to help Anhui enterprises to “bring in and go global” and explore international markets and help to enhance economic and trade communications and co-operation between Anhui and Portuguese-speaking countries.

2012 Macao-Guangzhou Famous Products Fair

“Macao-Guangzhou Famous Products Fair” held in Guangzhou for the first time.
There were more than 135,000 visitors/times to the Fair during the three days.

In order to implement the “Framework Agreement on Co-operation Between Guangdong and Macao”, the “Guangzhou-Macao Co-operation Meeting” was held in Nansha, Guangzhou Municipality in July last year. Witnessed by the Chief Executive of Macao and leaders of Guangzhou city, representatives from Guangzhou and Macao signed an Agreement of Co-operation and related MOUs, including one on “2012 Macao Guangzhou Famous Products Fair” jointly organized by Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) and the Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Co-operation of Guangzhou Municipality.

In his opening remarks, Secretary for Economy and Finance of the Macao SAR Government Tam Pak Yuen said, the Fair is the first large exhibition jointly organised by Guangzhou and Macao governments in Guangzhou. The Fair has famous and quality branded products, original designs, top quality locally renowned goods and agent products from Guangzhou and Macao. It also helps enterprises from the two places to meet in order to combine each other’s advantages to jointly explore Mainland, Portuguese-speaking countries and other overseas markets.

The theme of the Fair was “Experience Fascinating Macao, Discover the Wonderful Guangzhou”. The exhibition area was 8,500 square metres with 210 booths, occupied by nearly 200 companies from Macao and Guangzhou. To facilitate visitors, the Fair was divided into Guangzhou Pavilion and Macao Pavilion. There 106 booths and 71 exhibitors in the Guangzhou Pavilion. It included five exhibition areas according to product categories, i.e. food, daily necessities, consumer electronics, textiles and clothing, and bags. Many brands which are popular among not only local but also overseas Chinese communities were exhibited. More than 20 key export companies from Guangzhou also jointly exhibited their products. There were 104 booths in the Macao Pavilion, divided into “M in M” (Made in Macao), cultural and creative products, Portuguese-speaking countries products, food souvenirs, garments and hotels areas.

During the three day Fair, 698 business matching sessions were arranged as well as the signing of four project agreements on the cultural and creative industry, crystal jewellery investment co-operation and electronic products sales agent intention agreement. More than 135,000 visitors/times attended the Fair during the three days.

The 17th International Trade Fair for the Portuguese Food and Beverage

“The International Trade Fair for the Portuguese Food and Beverage” (SISAB) is the largest exhibition for the promotion of Portugal’s food and beverage product exports.

“The International Trade Fair for the Portuguese Food and Beverage” (SISAB) in Portuguese, is the largest exhibition for the promotion of Portugal’s food and beverage products export. This year’s event was the 17th and was held in Lisbon from 27 to 29 February.In order to promote trade exchanges between Portugal and Macao, introduce and promote more food and beverage products from Portugal and diversify Macao’s food supply, IPIM’s President Jackson Chang and Executive Director Irene V.K Lau went to Portugal to attend SISAB with a business delegation organised by Macau Union Suppliers Association.

The delegation visited around 400 exhibitors of famous food and beverage producers or exporters in Portugal, attended business matching sessions arranged by the Exhibition. The delegation showed great interest in Portuguese wines, olive oil, agricultural produce and canned products and intends to introduce these products into Macao to satisfy the market demand for affordable quality foodstuff.