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13/12/2018 - 16/12/2018
The Venetian Macau Cotai Expo

Macao has been the center of cultural exchange between the East and West since ancient times. It was an important harbor along the maritime Silk Road in the past, with superior geographic location, infrastructures and services as advantages. As the highest level of intangible cultural heritage and antiques fair that has ever been hosted in Macao, the International Expo of Intangible cultural heritage and Ancient Art will be held annually with a variety of exhibitions, lectures, forums and academic journals. The Expo will help Macao to establish a “name card “with international academic background and culture communication, as well as a trustworthy trading platform for art collectors.In terms of media promotions, the 3rd ICHAA Expowill launch a series of special events to attract mediaattentions apart from regular newsletters and press releases. Special events will include the exhibition of “Siku Quanshu”, Taiwan Gold Sculpture, Master WU Ching’s sculptures, Dunhuang Murals from World Intangible Cultural Heritage list, national heritage Kweichow Moutai, and over 200 paintings of countries along “One Belt One Road” which will be displayed in October in Beijing from Taiwan Hsu Po Yih Art Foundation. Meanwhile state-level intangible cultural heritage craftsmen, internationally well-known collectors and scholars will gather together to discuss the trend and future of ancient art and intangible cultural heritage, traditional handicraft. As for the live performances of the intangible cultural heritage, world leading Chinese traditional opera troupes will be performing during the Expo, as it will be a great time to promote the beauty of traditional Chinese operas. The 3rd ICHAA Expo will integrate art auctions, live performance, interactions of cultural and art in during. The media will have a full coverage of the Expo, attracting visitors from all over the world.

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