Brief Introduction of Guangxi -Economic Profile of 2019

Population 49.6 Million
GDP USD 307.85 Billion (YoY +6.0%)
FDI USD 0.31 Billion (YoY -65.3%)
Total Trade Volume USD 68.1 Billion (YoY +14.4%)
Value of Exports USD 37.7 Billion (YoY +19.4%)
Value of Imports USD 30.4 Billion (YoY +8.7%)

Source: 2019 National Economic and Social Development of Guangxi


Guangxi Trade in goods with Macao in 2019

Flow US dollar (million) Commodity and its HS Code
Export 20.3 Preparations of swine meat & meat offal, nes(HS:16024990); Preparations of bovine animal meat & offal, nes(HS:16025090); Structure/parts nes, prepd plate, rods etc for struct, i/s(HS:73089000)
Import 0 /
Import and Export 20.3 /

Comment: “export” means Guangxi exports to Macao; “import” means Guangxi imports from Macao.

Source: Customs statistics


Guangxi Trade in goods with Portuguese-speaking Countries in 2019

Portuguese-speaking Countries Flow US dollar Commodity and its HS Code
Angola Export 8.62 million Hydraulic turbines/water wheels of a power>10000 kw, nes(HS:84101390); Seat cover, of leather or of composition leather(HS:42050010); Other electric accumulators(HS:85078090)
Import 0.27 hundred million Propane, liquefied(HS:27111200); Liquefied butanes, nes(HS:27111390)
Import and Export 0.36 hundred million /
Brazil Export 1.42 hundred million Other toys, nes(HS:95030089); Front end shovel loaders(HS:84295100); Excavators, track-mounted, with a 360° revolving superstructure(HS:84295212)
Import 24.40 hundred million Yellow soya beans, not for cultivation(HS:12019010); Non-agglomerated iron ores & concentrates, 0.8≤avrg granularity<6.3 mm(HS:26011120); Non-agglomerated iron ores & concentrates, average granularity<0.8mm(HS:26011110)
Import and Export 25.82 hundred million /
Cape Verde Export 0.32 million Other toys, nes(HS: 95030089); Made up fishing nets of man-made textile materials(HS: 56081100); Other tableware of china(HS: 69111019)
Import 0 /
Import and Export 0.32 million /
Guinea Bissau Export 8.53 million Medicaments of artemisinins or their derivatives, in measured doses or in retail packings(HS:30046010); Tubes, pipe & hollow profiles, welded, of square or rectangular cross-section(HS:73066100); Medicaments of sulfa drugs, in measured doses or in retail packings(HS:30049010)
Import 0 /
Import and Export 8.53 million /
Mozambique Export 7.13 million Briefcases & satchels, etc, outer surface of plastics or of textiles materials(HS:42021290); Medicaments of artemisinins or their derivatives, in measured doses or in retail packings(HS:30046010); Multiple loudspeakers, mounted in the same enclosure(HS:85182200)
Import 0.46 million Sesamum seeds, not for cultivation(HS:12074090)
Import and Export 7.59 million /
Portugal Export 0.24 hundred million Carboxylic acids with aldehyde, ketone, no othr oxygen function, derivs(HS:29183000); Footwear with rubber… soles, leather uppers, not covering the ankle(HS:64039900); Electric table, desk, bedside or floor-standing lamps(HS:94052000)
Import 2.22 million Other integrated circuits, as processors and controllers(HS:85423190); Watch straps/bands/bracelets and parts thereof(HS:91139000); Other elect conductor, without connectors nes, voltage≤80 V(HS:85444919)
Import and Export 0.26 hundred million /
São Tomé and Príncipe Export 0.03 thousand Articles of B2C cross-border e-commerce(HS:98050000)
Import 0 /
Import and Export 0.03 thousand /
East Timor Export 3.08 ten thousand Boards / panels/bases for elec cntrl/distribu nes, volt〉1,000 V(HS:85372090); Inner tubes, of rubber, of a kind used on motor cars, buses or lorries(HS:40131000); Other new rubber pneumatic tyres, rim>61cm, for construction / mining / industrial handling(HS:40118092)
Import 0 /
Import and Export 3.08 ten thousand /

Comment: “export” means Guangxi exports to Portuguese-speaking Countries; “import” means Guangxi imports from Portuguese-speaking Countries.

Source: Customs statistics




Update Time: April in 2020