Brief Introduction of Hunan Province-Economic Profile of 2019

Population 69.18 Million
GDP USD 576.2 Billion (YoY +7.6%)
FDI USD 18.1 Billion (YoY +11.8%)
Total Trade Volume USD 62.9 Billion (YoY + 41.2%)
Value of Exports USD 44.6 Billion (YoY +51.9%)
Value of Imports USD 18.3 Billion (YoY +20.4%)

Source: 2019 National Economic and Social Development of Hunan Province


Hunan Province Trade in goods with Macao in 2019

Flow US dollar (million) Commodity and its HS Code
Export 17.0 Live swine wt.≥50kg, not pure-bred breeding(HS:01039200); Other frozen swine meat(HS:02032900); Office machines, nes(HS:84729090)
Import 0 /
Import and Export 17.0 /

Comment: “export” means Hunan Province exports to Macao; “import” means Hunan Province imports from Macao.

Source: Customs statistics


Hunan Province Trade in goods with Portuguese-speaking Countries in 2019

Portuguese-speaking Countries Flow US dollar Commodity and its HS Code
Angola Export 0.33 hundred million Worn clothing & other worn articles(HS:63090000); Pocket lighters, gas-fuelled, non-refillable(HS:96131000); Cooking appliances & plate warmers for gas fuel/both gas & o/fuels, i/s(HS:73211100)
Import 0 /
Import and Export 0.33 hundred million /
Brazil Export 4.39 hundred million Other toys, nes(HS:95030089); Mountings, fittings & sim articles of base mtl nes for furniture(HS:83024200); Handbags, outer surface of leather, or of composition/patent leather(HS:42022100)
Import 7.32 hundred million Non-agglomerated iron ores & concentrates, 0.8≤avrg granularity<6.3 mm(HS:26011120); Yellow soya beans, not for cultivation(HS:12019010); Non-agglomerated iron ores & concentrates, average granularity<0.8mm(HS:26011110)
Import and Export 11.71 hundred million /
Cape Verde Export 0.62 million Other static converters(HS:85044099); Other coloured television receivers, no video display/screen(HS:85287180); Ceramic flooring blocks, support or filler tiles & the like(HS:69049000)
Import 0 /
Import and Export 0.62 million /
Guinea Bissau Export 0.30 million Sewing thread of synthetic staple fibres(HS:55081000); T-shirts, singlets & other vests, of cotton, knitted or crocheted(HS:61091000); Float glass etc in sheets, non-wired nes(HS:70052900)
Import 0 /
Import and Export 0.30 million /
Mozambique Export 0.31 hundred million Aluminium fluoride(anhydrous)(HS:28261210); Made up articles (incl. dress patterns), nes(HS:63079000); Other toughened safety glass, nes(HS:70071900)
Import 0.67 million Other tropical wood, in the rough(HS:44034990); Other ores & concentrates, nes(HS:26179090); Tropical wood, nes, sawn lengthwise, thick>6mm(HS:44072990)
Import and Export 0.32 hundred million /
Portugal Export 0.67 hundred million Hog casings, salted, excl. hog fat-ends(HS:05040011); Ceramic sinks, wash basins & sim sanitary fixtures of porcelain/china(HS:69101000); Handbags, outer surface of plastic sheeting or of textile materials(HS:42022200)
Import 0.16 hundred million Buses for transport passengers at airport, with only compression-ignition internal combustion piston engine(HS:87021020); Other frozen swine meat(HS:02032900); Other integrated circuits(HS:85423990)
Import and Export 0.83 hundred million /
São Tomé and Príncipe Export 0.11 million Flat rlld prod, i/nas, painted, varnish./coated with plastics, w≥600mm, thickness<1.5m(HS:72107010); Floor fans, with a built-in electric motor of output≤125W(HS:84145192); Medical, surgical, dental or veterinary furniture & parts nes(HS:94029000)
Import 0 /
Import and Export 0.11 million /
East Timor Export 1.20 million Other polymers of vinyl chloride, nes(HS:39204900); Articles of iron/steel wire, nes, not for technical use(HS:73262090); Other furnitures of stone(HS:94038920)
Import 0.87 ten thousand Vegetable seeds, for sowing(HS:12099100)
Import and Export 1.20 million /

Comment: “export” means Hunan Province exports to Portuguese-speaking Countries; “import” means Hunan Province imports from Portuguese-speaking Countries.

Source: Customs statistics




Update Time: April in 2020