By providing temporary office, IPIM enables investors to reduce initial startup costs and to become familiar with Macao’s business environment and relevant procedures in a relatively short period of time. IPIM also assists several trade and economic organisations/associations to establish their branch offices or regional headquarters in Macao, in order to facilitate business communication and information exchanges, jointly exploring joint business opportunities.

Terms and conditions to apply for the temporary space:

• Companies applying must possess a valid registration with the Finance Department of Macao SAR or have initiated business registration procedures. For those who have not done so, they must register with the Finance Department within 5 working days of entry to IPIM.
• Generally, successful applicant companies can stay in the centre for up to 4 months. An extension of two months is also allowed under special circumstances.
• Each company can only have one temporary office space ,which equipped with basic business facilities like desks, chairs, filing cabinets and telephones.
• Applicants can download the application form, fill in the relevant information and submit the form with the required documents (the copy of the valid business registration of the applying company, the bank reference of the applying company(the recent 3 month’s bank statement or bank declaration), the company profile, the initial investment plan in Macao, the memorandum & articles of the private limited company and the information of shareholder identification and /or administrator) by mail, fax or e-mail to IPIM.

Other Facilities

Staff of local / overseas enterprises and business promotional institutes or professionals can apply to be the Registered Business User by submitting the completed application form with the relevant information. All Registered Business Users are welcome to use the meeting room facilities and services as well as receiving the electronic publications of IPIM regularly.


Our office is located in NAPE, one of the fastest growing commercial areas in Macao. It is a five-minutes ride from Macao Ferry Terminal and about 5 minutes from the centre of the city, while commuting between our office and Zhuhai SEZ border crossing and Macao International Airport will take about 10 minutes.