Q1. What are the assessment criteria for temporary residency application based on “major investment/major investment plan”?

A: A: The analysis focuses on the following elements: to which industry the investment belong; how the investment project enhances the technological level and competitiveness of the industry; contribution to local labour market; how the investment project enhances Macao’s presence in the international society; sustainability, amount of investment; sustainable operation of the investment in Macao. Detailed information is available on IPIM’s webpage on the “Assessment Criteria for Temporary Residency Application – Major Investment/Investment Plan”.

Q2. Is there any requirement regarding the investment amount of “major investment/major investment plan”? Is there any requirement of the number of shareholders?

A: The threshold of investment amount is MOP 15 million. If the applicant is a shareholder, the investment amount is calculated based on the proportion of shares held by applicants. The investment is composed of fixed assets for operation, operating expenditure and fees. Capital not possessed by the applicant will not be taken into account and goods in stock are excluded in the calculation of investment amount. Number of shareholders does not prejudice this part of assessment since the major consideration is based on the investment amount corresponding to the shares held by the applicant.

Q3. Is there any requirement regarding the field of “major investment/major investment plan”?

A:  The field of “major investment/major investment plan” should be one of the industries that the Macao SAR is pro-actively developing and those motivate diversification of Macao’s industries, such as featured finance, traditional Chinese medicine sector, convention and exhibition industry, cultural and creative industries, e-commerce and information technology sector.

Q4. How to prepare documents in relation to the operation of business?

A: Documents relevant to the operation of business include orders the company has received, signed business agreements or contracts to be signed, photos and catalogue of products, photos of the business establishment(s), fiscal reports for the recent two years, valid licence of using the business establishment(s) and licence(s) required for operation. For application for renewal and extension, the issuance time of relevant proof of operation should be in line with the corresponding documents submitted for the previous application. If any documents are to be expired when an applicant is making application, this applicant should take the initiative to submit the renewed supporting documents (Please refer to point 5.3.2 in the Temporary Residency Application Guidelines.)

Q5. Is there any requirement regarding financial statements?

A: Every year, IPIM will request applicants to submit a financial statement audited by Macao accredited auditor and the Annual Income Declaration handled by the Financial Services Bureau for the previous fiscal year, according to the taxpayer group to which the company belong (Taxpayer Group A need to submit the above documents from April to June every year, and Taxpayer Group B from January to March every year).

Q6. Can I stay in Macao after filing the initial temporary residency application?

A: After filing the initial temporary residency application and before the result is announced, applicants should stay in Macao in a way allowed by their travel documents and the relevant regulations. Detailed information is available on the official website of the Public Security Police Force (CPSP).