Q28.For non-local residents who gained academic degrees in Macao, are they allowed to apply for temporary residency if they are currently working for Macao employers? If they are not yet employed by Macao employers, can they apply for temporary residency?

A:For individuals intending to apply for temporary residency as “management and technical personnel with special qualification”, they are only allowed to file application after they have been employed by Macao employers, regardless of whether they have worked in Macao or are staying in Macao with other legal means. If a person is hired by Macao employer to be managerial or technical personnel, he or she may apply for temporary residency with the ground of either being a “managerial personnel” or a “technical personnel with special qualification”.

Q29. What are the differences between the temporary residency permit for “management and technical personnel with special qualification” and the “Non-resident Worker’s Identification Card” (commonly referred to as “blue card”)?

A: The objectives, legal grounds and approval mechanisms of these two documents are different. The objective of the temporary residency permit for “management and technical personnel with special qualification” is to align with the SAR government’s administration policy to attract high-quality management and technical personnel with special qualification who are beneficial to the city’s development to live in Macao. The “Non-resident Worker’s Identification Card” is a temporary measure that makes up the insufficiency of local labour force by importing non-local professional or non-professional worker to Macao. Holders of “Non-resident Worker’s Identification Card” can stay in Macao legally without being granted Macao’s residency. Once a holder of “Non-resident Worker’s Identification Card” is granted temporary residency, the time of his/her legal stay in Macao will not be taken into account of the term of his/her residency validity. For enquiries regarding non-resident workers, please visit the official website of the Labour Affairs Bureau https://www.dsal.gov.mo.

Q30.I am a shareholder of a Macao company and I am employed by the company to be a member of this company’s management at the same time. How should I apply for temporary residency?

A:According to Paragraphs 1 to 3 under Article of Administrative Regulation No. 3/2005, application based on the grounds of “major investment / major investment plan” or “management/technical personnel with special qualification” are accepted. If the applicant is a shareholder of a Macao company and employed by the company to be a member of this company’s management at the same time, this applicant need to prepare different documents according to which kind of application he/she is making. It should be noticed that if an applicant files a temporary residency application as a “management/technical personnel with special qualification”, this applicant must present and submit a copy of work permit (“Non-resident Worker’s Identification Card”) since this applicant has already been employed as a management. Please refer to the Temporary Residency Application Guidelines for details of required documents:

Q31.How to use IPIM’s “Online Assessment System”? Why is my application disapproved even though the “Online Assessment System” gives a positive assessment result of my application?

A: The objective of the “Online Assessment System” is to provide further references for people intending to apply for temporary residency as “management/technical personnel with special qualification”, so that applicants may have clearer understanding of their application. Before filing a formal application, applicants may use the “Online Assessment System” on IPIM’s official website (https://www.ipim.gov.mo/en/investment-residency/online-service/online-assessment-system/). However, the assessment result is only for reference. The results of applications depend on the actual status of applicants and documents they submitted.

Q32.After being employed by Macao employer, must I work in Macao? Is there any requirement regarding the form of labour agreement?

A: Applicants should mainly work in Macao after being employed by local employer. If an applicant is instructed by his/her employer to work outside Macao for a short period of time, he/she should inform IPIM and submit relevant proofs. All labour agreements should be drafted according to relevant laws and regulations. Samples are available at the official website of the Labour Affairs Bureau: https://www.dsal.gov.mo/zh_tw/standard/index.html.

Q33.I cannot find my qualification documents and work certificates. How can I apply for temporary residency application?

A: IPIM will be unable to analyse applications without the required documents. Applicants need to acquire documents that are equally effective as the original documents from relevant entities.

Q34. What are the assessment criteria for application under the category of “management/technical personnel with special qualification”?

A: Please refer to the Assessment Criteria for Temporary Residency Application – Management and/or Technical Personnel on IPIM’s official website:

Q35.What is the “Annual Priority List of Talents Admission” published by IPIM?

A: In order to work in line with the administration of the Macao SAR and attract talents with more precision, IPIM has published the “Annual Priority List of Talents Admission” on its official website. Every year, IPIM conducts study into what talents are needed by the society and how talents admission aligns with the administration for each fiscal year. IPIM also analyses the supply and demand of human resources in the city and publish relevant information on a timely basis. (Details are available at https://www.ipim.gov.mo/zh-hant/services/investment-residency/temporary-residency-application-for-annual-talents-admission/.)

Q36.How to calculate my salary?

A: The calculation of salary is based on monthly basic salary of applicants (double pay, yearend double pay, bonus and the likes are excluded in the calculation of salary).

Q37.Where can I find the information of median/average salaries for career fields?

A: Relevant information is available at the official website of the Statistics and Census Bureau: https://www.dsec.gov.mo.