Q1. Is there any requirement on how many days the applicant should stay in Macao after the application has been approved?

A: when a residency holder stops living in the Macao SAR as an ordinary resident, or no longer meets the requirements, prerequisites for having the residency, the Chief Executive shall issue a dispatch to terminate/revoke the relevant residency permit. The assessment of whether an applicant is living in Macao as an ordinary resident will be carried out according to Paragraph 4 under Article 4 of Law No 8/1999 instead of merely depending on how many days the applicant stays in Macao. (Reference: Article 40 of Law No 16/2021 enabled by Article 23 of Administrative Regulation No 3/2005 and Paragraph 4 under Article 4 of Law No 8/1999)


Q2. For holders of valid temporary residency permits, when can they apply for renewal?

A:  Applicants have to submit to IPIM renewal applications within the first 60 days of the 90 days before the expiration of the temporary residency. (For example, an applicant’s temporary residency permit expires on 31 December 2020; he/she may submit renewal application to IPIM between 1 October and 30 November 2020.) However, in order to handle the renewal applications in an orderly manner, applicants may enquire about the renewal procedure and arrangement in person at IPIM or on the phone within six months before the expiration of temporary residency permit. It should be noted that the temporary residency permits will become invalid if the applicants do not submit the renewal application before deadline (Reference: Article 19 and Paragraph 1 under Article 20 of Administrative Regulation No 3/2005).


Q3. How to apply for a “Renewal Declaration”?

A: During the period when an applicant is allowed to file a renewal application, this applicant (or his/her authorised persons) may bring the original Macao Resident Card (and the letter of authorisation signed by the applicant, the original IDs of the authorised person and the applicant) to request a “Renewal Declaration”, which certifies that the applicant has already filed a renewal application based on relevant regulations and the application is being handled by IPIM).


Q4. After being granted temporary residency, how can applicants apply for extension for their family dependents?

A:Applicants should submit a temporary residency extension application for their family dependents before seven years after being granted temporary residency. For those who have been granted Macao Permanent Resident Cards, they may submit an application to the Public Security Police Force (CPSP) for a temporary residency extension for family dependents with the grounds of “family reunion”. Detailed information is available on CPSP’s official website. For enquiries, please contact the Macao Immigration Services of Public Security Police Force on (853) 2872 5488.