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In order to help you search for suitable partners and investment projects, the Investment and Co-operation Corner provides a free of charge business matching service through the Business Matching Session and Trade Opportunities. The investment and co-operation projects will be placed on the online Business Matching Engine.


The construction management committee of county new zone
Message: Wushan County Botanical Garden surrounding Block Project
Brief Outline: The proposed transfer site is about 514 mu, the nature of the land is commercial and residential mixed land, the volume rate is ≤ 2.5. The project plot is located at the Botanical Garden of Jiangdong New Area, with complete land use index and good geological conditions.
Form of co-operation: Sole proprietorship
Origin: Chongqing


Wushan County Economy and Information Committee
Message: Assembly construction parts and components industrial park project
Brief Outline: The project is completed in three phases and builds two product lines. The first phase of the project intends to invest 200-250 million RMB to build 300 thousand cubic meters ALC new wallboards and support silicon-calcium production lines in Northeast Chongqing; in the second and third phases of the project will form ALC wallboards, steel structures and PC components as the leading products to construct the assembly construction parts and components industrial part in Northeast Chongqing.
Form of co-operation: Sole proprietorship, Joint venture, Cooperative development
Origin: Chongqing


Wushan County Road Transport Bureau
Message: Wuguanmiao Section of Wanzhou to Wushan Jiangnan Expressway Construction
Brief Outline: This project is the southward extension of Liangwu (Wushan to Wuxi) expressway, which will be connected with the Chongqing-Yichang expressway, the soon-to-be-built Fengjie-Wushan expressway (G6911), and the Wushan-Dachang section of the Wuxi-Wushan expressway which is under construction. This section will also link to the Wuxia town and Guandu town of Wushan county. It will end in the Miaoyu town. This section is about 45 kilometre long, two-way four-lane road, with the speed limited set at 80 km/h.
Form of co-operation: Co-operative development
Origin: Chongqing


Infraspeak Deck Company
Message: Smart facility management company looking for agents and business partners in Macao
Brief Outline: Infraspeak is the most efficient, flexible and user-friendly software to excel at facility and asset management. Using the most advanced web, mobile and IoT technologies, Infraspeak radically increases control and productivity of its customers, reducing bureaucracy, risks and costs. Based in a SaaS model, it’s directed to companies responsible for large or geographically disperse infrastructures and maintenance services providers.
Form of co-operation: Looking for agents and business partners in Macao
Origin: Portugal


Jolly Kingdom English Learning Centre (Macau)
Message: Looking for franchisee – English learning center
Brief Outline: Established in 2006, Jolly Kingdom has been striving to provide a creative and quality learning environment filled with joy and nurtured by confidence and trust. Our professional team prepares students to become devoted problem solvers, innovators, as well as happy and self-motivated lifelong learners. Our vision is to be one of the most recognised and respected education organisations in the world. If you are passionate about English education and want to be part of our expanding team, join us to provide quality English education and bring a positive impact to the lives of our children.
Form of co-operation: Looking for franchisee
Origin: Hong Kong


Awareness Organic Skin Care Company Limited
Message: Organic skin care brand looking for investor
Brief Outline: Awareness Organics formulates deeply nourishing elixirs designed to revitalise your mature and sensitive skin for a more radiant, glowing you. We are an independent beauty brand which was created by Stella Chiang, a certified skin care formulator in Macau. She suffered from lupus (Systemic Lupus Erythematous) for many years. A few years ago, she realized that being a vegan helped calm the disease, and gradually her condition improved. She learned to make her own skin care products using only natural raw ingredients from all over the world. By eliminating the usage of controversial ingredients, allergens, petrochemicals, or artificial fragrances, the skin can regain its natural and healthy appearance.
Form of co-operation: Looking for business partners and investors
Origin: Macao


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01/Jan 2020
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