25th MIF, 2020MFE, 2020PLPEX Concluded

The 25th Macao International Trade and Investment Fair (25th MIF), the Macao Franchise Expo 2020 (2020MFE) and the 2020 Portuguese Speaking Countries Products and Services Exhibition (Macao) (2020PLPEX) were held concurrently at The Venetian Macao from 22 to 24 October. This year the online exhibition platform was further strengthened and events were held both online and offline, producing synergistic effects. The three-day exhibitions arranged the signing of over 100 projects, involving the introduction of Made-in-Macao products and Macao-branded products to specialty supermarkets, Portuguese-speaking Countries products’ opening sales channel on local e-commerce platforms, procurement of Macao-made masks, procurement of agricultural products from Mainland China and scientific research collaboration projects. A total of 670 business matching sessions took place both online and offline, which enabled exhibitors and buyers to discuss future co-operation through the exhibition platforms offered by Macao.


A Combination of Online and Offline Services. Over 270 Online Matching Sessions Held

The 25th MIF, the 2020MFE and the 2020PLPEX were held concurrently at the same venue for three consecutive days, attracting over 1,100 companies from Mainland China, Portugal, Brazil, Japan, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong and Macao, to the online expo and physical exhibitions. The exhibitions cover project investment, modern financial services, science and technology innovation projects, food and dining services, cultural and creative industries, Portuguese-speaking Countries’ specialty products, professional consulting services and franchise industries.

The exhibitions offer diverse online and offline content. The online services include cloud matching, online contract signing, the online expo and live streaming. This year the three exhibitions cover an area of 25,000 square metres with approximately 1,200 booths. As for offline services, the 25th MIF offers trade and investment-themed pavilions for Chinese provinces and cities, countries along the Belt and Road and Portuguese-speaking Countries, as well as themed exhibition areas and exhibition and sales zones including the “Innotech and Startups Zone” and “Youth Entrepreneurship Zone”, “Macao SME Pavilion”. The 2020MFE presents the “Franchise Zone”, “One-Stop Support Centre for Enterprises”, “Macau Original I.P. Pavilion”, “Gourmet Avenue”, and others. At the 2020PLPEX, the “Portuguese-Speaking Countries’ Specialty Products Zone”, “Commercial and Trade Services Co-operation Platform between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries Exhibition Area”, “Vamos Desfrutar” Exhibition Area, and “Experience Zone” are set up.

This year, MIF, MFE, and PLPEX set up an online exhibition platform, whereon more than 1,100 exhibitors presented more than 4,300 exhibits. In addition to on-site matching sessions, the three exhibitions also offered online business matching and online protocol signing services, which allowed “online to offline” and “online to online” business matching sessions. Themed matching activities for targeted users were also arranged.

Moreover, together with the Macao Economic Bureau, the Macao Government Tourism Office, the Industry and Commerce Federation of Macau Central and Southern District, and the Industry and Commerce Federation of Islands of Macao, the IPIM organised guided tours to local neighbourhoods for participating delegates. Participants were introduced to some of local shops with very distinctive Macao characteristics. The purposes of the tours were to help local small and medium-sized enterprises and revitalise the community’s economy.


A Combination of Exhibitions and Forums for Scholars and Professionals to Gather Wisdom

During the three exhibitions, more than 50 activities including forums, conferences, and promotional seminars were held. At the “2020 International Trade and Investment Forum and Forum on Chain and Franchise Business Opportunities of International Brands” under the theme of “Co-creation of Beneficial and Brand-New Business Opportunity with Exploration of the Digital Economy”, professionals in digital marketing services, famous brand designers and brand operation directors shared their insights into how to make use of digital tools for marketing purposes. Meanwhile, the “17th World Summit of Chinese Entrepreneurs”, the “Fujian, Macao and Portuguese-speaking Countries Economic Exchange Networking Session”, the “Portuguese-speaking Countries Wine and Food Business Matching Seminar” and other activities were also staged at the exhibition venue to provide exchange platforms for exhibitors from different regions.

The “26th Macao International Trade and Investment Fair” and the “2021 Portuguese Speaking Countries Products and Services Exhibition (Macao)” are scheduled for 21 to 23 October 2021.


A diverse array of activities available during the “2020 Portuguese Speaking Countries Products and Services Exhibition (Macao)”


Local snacks favoured by social media influencers attract many traders and residents


The bustling Macao SME Pavilion


Leading business figures, professional buyers and scholars are gathered at the “2020 International Trade and Investment Forum and Forum on Chain and Franchise Business Opportunities of International Brands” to explore business opportunities


Enterprises reached co-operation through online matching sessions