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In order to help you search for suitable partners and investment projects, the Investment and Co-operation Corner provides a free of charge business matching service through the Business Matching Session and Trade Opportunities. If you are interested in the following projects or intend to post your investment and co-operation projects, you are welcome to fill in the Investment and Co-operation Corner Form and fax to Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute. The investment and co-operation projects will be placed on the online Business Matching Engine.

Greenwayenergy Environmental Protection & Energy Saving Technology Macau Ltd.
Message: Recycled waste plastics thermal decomposition refinery technology
Brief Outline: With mastery of pyrolysis technology and the use of recycled plastic and refined oil, the company manufactures recycled cloth and non-woven cloth, recycled plastic particles and recycled compound materials.
Form of co-operation: Looking for the co-operation with the environmental protection recycling departments, worldwide investors, mega hotels and shopping malls
Origin: Macao

Macau Sun Tech Energy Saving Consultant Ltd.
Message: IoT monitor system for restaurants waste cooking oils pool
Brief OutlineThe company imports the world’s first ever contactless mud oil depth sensor from Taiwan, bringing in a reform of how the catering industry and shopping malls manage grease and sewage tank and endeavouring for achieving the smart city network that is managed with the IoT monitor system.
Form of co-operation: Looking for the co-operation with the environmental protection supervision departments, restaurant chains, mega hotels and shopping malls or innovation venture funds
Origin: Macao

Health-Energy Environment Protection Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. & Importacao e Exportacao Man Son Companhia Limitada
Message: Customized drinking water equipment solution
Brief Outline: With the aim of providing quality drinking water resource, the company provides customized drinking water equipment and solutions.
Form of co-operation: Looking for clients such as hotels and casinos
Origin: Macao

Dollar 100 million Technology Development (Guangzhou) Partnership (Limited Partnership)
Message: Storage-On-The-Go smart baggage locker / solution
Brief Outline: Storage-On-The-Go is the first smart locker that can be placed anywhere and requires no electricity.
Form of co-operation: Looking for business partners and investors
Origin: China

Guangdong Tianzhou New Energy Technology Co., Ltd
Message: Electric vehicle charging station developer and operator
Brief OutlineThe company will develop and operate 200 electric vehicle charging stations in Dongguan, Zhuhai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The investment size is estimated to be RMB¥ 400 million.
Form of co-operation: Looking for business partners and investors
Origin: China

Message: Smart Community and Property Management System (EBA)
Brief Outline: EBA is developed by AMPLITEC and it is a platform used for distant monitoring and management of the devices in the community through IoT technology. All kind of basic parameters and real time operating status of the devices are displayed, recorded and processed via the system for intelligent and sophisticated property management.
Form of co-operation: Looking for investors
Origin: China


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01/Apr 19
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