7‭ ‬Stars Food Processing Factory


Year of Establishment: 2018

7 Stars Food Processing Factory was established by Tong Peng International Investment Company Limited. They focus on the production and processing of frozen meat and seafood. Their target clients include local hotels, supermarkets, wet markets, restaurants and snack shops.

With the assistance of the “One-stop Service” for investors, the company opened its first food processing factory earlier. Due to the recent growth in business, the company needed to open the 7 Stars Food Processing Factory which covers an area of 388 square metres. In August 2018, with the co-ordination of the cross-departmental co-operation mechanism of the “Investment Committee” and “One-stop Service” for investors, the company successfully obtained an Industrial Licence issued by Macao Economic Services as well as completing other governmental procedures. The factory is currently in stable operation.