Sardinia Macau Limited

Founded in August 2016, Sardinia Macau is a local enterprise engaging in import, export and wholesale of premium Portuguese canned seafood.

By making good use of the advantage of IPIM’s as a business-promoting platform, the investor has been able to seize the opportunities effectively and grow its business. In addition to participating in the IPIM-organised local and foreign exhibitions as well as delegations and investment fairs held in Mainland China, the investor has, via IPIM’s “Online Business Matching Service Platform”, successfully reached co-operation agreements with local large corporations, supermarkets and Sino-Portuguese E-Commerce Chamber. At the same time, its products are exhibited in the “Portuguese-speaking Countries Food Products Exhibition Centre” (Glass House, Tap Seac Square).

The investor states that in the hope of broadening its market horizons in Mainland China, it will continue to take advantage of IPIM’s business-promoting services and actively partake in the exhibitions and trade fairs in Mainland China.


Year of Establishment: 2016