The 2018 Macao-Guangzhou Fine Products Fair was held in Guangzhou from 26 to 28 January. The officiating guests of the Opening Ceremony included IPIM’s Executive Director Irene Va Kuan Lau, Deputy Director of Guangzhou Municipal Commission of Commerce Chen Yongfang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Industrial Association of Macau Fong Son Kin, Chairman of Guangdong Entertainment & Game Industry Association Lu Xiaokun.

The exhibition of 2018 Macao-Guangzhou Fine Products Fair covered an area of 11,300 square meters with 205 exhibition booths. The event was participated by 93 Macao enterprises organised by IPIM and 59 Guangzhou enterprises. The Macao exhibition area comprised of 93 exhibition booths, and there were 112 booths by enterprises from the Guangzhou municipality. The exhibition covered a wide array of products including Made-in-Macao products, Portuguese-speaking Countries (PSC) products, food souvenir, cultural and creative products, consumer goods, wine, apparel, bags and luggage, daily essentials, textile and fashion, electronic consumer products and crafts. This year, IPIM continued setting up the PSC Products Street at the Macao exhibition area, showcasing various food and beverage products from PSCs. In addition, the Macao Food Area was also set up to serve freshly-prepared local food for visitors to enjoy on the spot. The three-day event attracted a total of 160,000 visitors.

IPIM organised a Macao entrepreneur delegation of around 50 to take part in this event and visited Guangzhou Nine Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Moreover, IPIM conducted the Macao-Guangzhou Trade and Economic Exchange Fair with the Guangzhou Municipal Commission of Commerce. The event attracted over 100 entrepreneurs from various industries in Macao and Guangzhou such as cross-border e-commerce, food, convention and exhibition, digital technology. In the event, IPIM facilitated more than 42 business matching sessions.


The Opening Ceremony of 2018 Macao-Guangzhou Fine Products Fair