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In order to help you search for suitable partners and investment projects, the Investment and Co-operation Corner provides a free of charge business matching service through the Business Matching Session and Trade Opportunities. If you are interested in the following projects or intend to post your investment and co-operation projects, you are welcome to fill in the Investment and Co-operation Corner Form and fax to Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute. The investment and co-operation projects will be placed on the online Business Matching Engine.

Fanyi Furniture Decoration Co., Ltd.
Message: Furniture and Lighting Products Supplier
Company profile: The company mainly provides custom made furniture and lighting, smart home devices, indoor and outdoor decoration installation services. It also provides energy-efficient building materials, energy-efficient door and window system solutions, etc.
Form of co-operation: Looking for client / buyer
Origin: Macao

Art Padilla
Message: “Brazil on the China route” Project
Company profile: The company engages in creation, presentation and realisation of cultural projects with the help of public, private and fiscal incentives in Brazil. “Brazil on the China route” project is a book of art which, with texts and images, demonstrates the influence of the Chinese culture on Brazilian art from the 17th to the 19th centuries. The books will be written in Portuguese, English and Chinese. Given that foreign companies investing in cultural projects in Brazil are eligible for tax incentives, we are looking for investors especially Chinese companies which have already been established in Brazil.
Form of co-operation: Looking for investors
Origin: Brazil

Bridging – International Consultancy
Message: Small Plastic Packaging Company for Sale in Brazil
Company profile: The factory is located in São Paulo, Brazil, close to international port, airport, and the state capital. It covers an area of 24,200sqm with a 750sqm hangar. Its key target market is agro-chemical product (also the general industry). Its annual income amounts to around USD350,000, with a net margin reaching 27.5%. The factory currently has 7 staff and has obtained the operating license. Minimising redundant bureaucratic procedure and relevant costs as well as time, it is suitable for companies going after a fast entry into the Brazilian market.
Form of co-operation: Looking for buyers
Origin: Brazil

Untitled Macao
Message: Provide Design Services
Brief Outline: Specialising in visual communication, graphic identity and branding, Untitled Macao dedicated to tailoring extraordinary designs and refining inappropriate designs for clients in order to enhance their value. The company has received many international and Asian awards including the iF Communication Design Award, Trnava Poster Triennial in Slovakia, International Poster Biennale in Mexico and Moscow Global Biennale of Graphic Design Golden Bee. We are frequently invited to participate in different exhibitions and its work has been printed in many design publications.
Form of co-operation: Looking for Partners or Clients
Origin: Macao

Regalia Red Food Development Ltd.
Message: Provide Regalia Red Tea
Brief Outline: Regalia Red Food Development Ltd. in Yingde is under the jurisdiction of Guangdong Great Dynasty Group, which possesses a tens of thousands acre ecological tea plantation. The selection of the tea plants goes through the scientific screening, The Regalia Red tea tree grows in the mountains of northern Guangdong, whose high mountain can produce a good tea. Absolutely, The Regalia Red black tea has sharp leaves, the colour of fresh oil, golden fragrant honey liquor, rich and long honey and strong mellow sweet and bitter taste. In accordance with the operation mode of “Independent Management and Home-grown” in the company, the time control from the tea picking to processing is very strict to ensure that each of our teas are a fine selection.
Form of co-operation: Looking for Agents or Clients
Origin: Guangdong, China

ScoolSmart Macau Sociedade Unipessoal Limitada
Message: ScoolSmart Multilingual App and SIM Card based Student Card
Brief Outline: ScoolSmart is the world’s first fully customised multilingual App and SIM card based pupil card, integrating faster communication amongst schools, parents, teachers and pupil. With features such as School Attendance, One Touch Authorisation, Back-to-School E-commerce platform and a unique Payment Solution. The App is being launched with an astute identification of the need for user friendly platform connecting up the currently fragmented and paper-based ecosystem of schools, parents, teachers, and pupils.
Form of co-operation: Looking for partners
Origin: Macao

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