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Throughout history, water has long been used in medical treatment. Over a millennium ago, there existed-mineral water treatment, seawater treatment and bath treatment in Europe, as people believed that spring water might possess some magical properties. Later on, medical experts, taking advantage of sophisticated technologies and tests, were able to treat the human body with medicinal water, so as to pre-empt and treat different diseases. Now, in addition to being a type of treatment, spas are used as a way for people to relax.

As people in Asia pay more attention to the quality of life, spas have become more and more popular in the area in recent years. Initially they were integrated into five-star hotels and holiday resorts, then later spas became available at commercial beauty salons, and health and fitness centres. But the quality of services and products available vary from one centre to another. Spa Philosophy Co., Ltd was incorporated in Macao, introducing standard spa products and services, in November 2002. This is consistent with Macao’s strategy in becoming an international destination for leisure tourism.

Investment of five million patacas

Spa Philosophy Co. has invested five million patacas. It has shareholders from Macao, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Mandy Chan, managing director of the company, told Macao Image, “Business has grown better than we expected in the past three months since our opening. Moreover, the liberalisation of the gaming industry will bring ever more tourists to Macao. So we think the outlook will be better.”

Mrs. Chan added that her company regarded Macao as a promising market since there existed no other specialised spa centres at the moment. Mrs. Chan also stressed, “Hong Kong has a population of six million people, but Macao only has 440,000 residents, and the operational costs in Macao are lower and the number of tourists visiting Macao is rising annually. Tourism is booming. So we are optimistic about the future.”

“Our prices are competitive, 30 to 40 per cent lower than that in Hong Kong.” “Our clients are mainly from the local community. We also have some clients from Hong Kong and overseas. We hope that in the future our products become known to more overseas clients through leisure magazines in Hong Kong, Singapore, France, and the US. To put it in a nutshell, we regard ourselves as part of the tourism industry.”

A pollution-free environment rich in pure oxygen.

Mrs. Chan pointed out, “We believe how you look is determined by your physical health. This is a new trend in the beauty industry. The economy is not doing that well, and people are under tremendous pressure. As a result, physical and mental health have become top priority. So on top of our series of care and treatment products, we often host health workshops, such as a workshop on menopause or vitamins, so as to let people know the concept of leading a healthy life.”

Spa Philosophy Co., Ltd takes up two floors with six separate treatment and care rooms. The total area is more than 3,500 square feet. Its design is a combination of classic and modern, elaborate and simple styles. Each care room encompasses the Five Elements of traditional Chinese medicines: Jin (metal), Mu (wood), Shui (water), Huo (fire) and Tu (earth). In order to provide a 100 per cent pollution-free environment for its clients, Spa Philosophy Co., Ltd has purchased Oxyvital -an air adjustment system from Germany. According to Mrs. Chan, the system has been tested and certified by Hong Kong’s University of Science and Technology to have a remarkable effect in reducing damaging substances in the air.

Mrs. Chan stressed, “Polluting substances like carbon dioxide, formaldehyde and nitrogen dioxide will reduce the percentage of oxygen in the air to 12 to 15 per cent. In a pollution-free environment, oxygen should be 21 per cent of the air. Air pollution can cause physical allergies, skin diseases and asthma. Oxyvital in our spa can stabilise oxygen at around 22 per cent.” “When customers come to our spa, they can take a breath of fresh air even if they do not undergo spa treatment.”

Customised spa products

Mrs. Chan also said, “Our products are customised for Asian clients by British spa experts. They are unique. You cannot get them anywhere else.”

Spa Philosophy Co. Ltd. has introduced two professional beauty brands from Switzerland and Britain: Phytobiodermie and Aromatherapy Associates. Skin care and treatment series of Phytobiodermie (Phyto stands for plants, bio is for life, and Dermie stands for skin) have been the industrial leader for more than thirty years. Its strength is the combination of herbal essences and advanced technology. Superb aromatherapy products from Aromatherapy Associates from Britain have been adopted by top spa centres and beauty salons world-wide ever since their invention.

Mrs. Chan concluded, “Our products are not exclusive to women. Our treatment to help people eliminate toxins from their bodies applies to both men and women. We will have more products and services for men in the future because we think that segment of the market also has great potential.”

In marketing, Spa Philosophy Co. Ltd. is working with credit-card divisions of two local banks to launch promotional campaigns for the local market. At the same time, Spa Philosophy Co. Ltd. is co-operating with some big companies and helicopter firms in Hong Kong and Macao to co-host advertising campaigns like “Spatour.”


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