Source: Permanent Secretariat to the Forum for Economic and Trade Co-operation between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries (Macao)

The Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Seres Motors made its first product display in Brazil during Intersolar South America, an event in São Paulo (SP) focused on the energy sector. Seres Motors is a subsidiary of Chongqing Sokon Industry Group.

The models Seres SF5 and Seres 3 were shown to the Brazilian market, which have not yet had their prices released. The expectation is that the vehicles will be commercialized still this year in Brazil.

Both models have powerdrives and operating systems produced by Huawei. The Chinese technology and smartphone giant has been investing in electrified cars since 2021.

According to Seres, the battery recharges from 20% to 80% of capacity in just 36 minutes in DC current (electrified with 35kWh capacity). In AC current (residential, 7 kWh) the recharge time is a little more than three and a half hours.