Complementary (Profits) Tax
Levied on net profit derived from any commercial or industrial business. Sliding-scale tax, averaging 12% for income over MOP300,000 (USD37,500) and varying between 3% and 12% for income below this level.

Industrial Tax
Charged on all individuals and companies engaged in any commercial or industrial business. Fixed annual fee varies according to the nature of the business. The usual charge is MOP300 (US$37.5).

All merchants must complete the relevant forms and submit 30 days before starting the business.

Professional Tax
Levied on individuals with an annual income in excess of MOP120, 000 (US$15,000) at rates varying between 7% and 12%, applicable to employees receiving daily wages and monthly salary as well as self-employed professionals.

In the case of self-employed professionals, tax is based on the net profits of the previous year, providing appropriate accounting records are kept.


*According to the Law no. 15/2015 – the Government Budget of Financial Year 2016, there are tax relief measures which are managed by the Financial Services Bureau.

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