[Realização simultânea de três exposições] Participar exposições online e offline – novos métodos e novas oportunidades de negócios

[Realização simultânea de três exposições] Entrar na sala de transmissão ao vivo para experimentar o novo modelo de negócios

[Realização simultânea de três exposições] Bolsas de Contacto em Nuvem – Assinatura de Protocolos em Numvem – Cooperação Comercial à Distância

In order to assist the local enterprises, especially small and medium-sized companies, in having broader network with businesses in different fields, opening up the market, the exhibitions held by the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) will continue to strengthen the business development for convention and exhibition, integrating online and offline elements, building up a platform to improve the exchanges and co-operation between enterprises from Mainland China, Macao and overseas regions. This is also an extension of Macao SAR’s approach regarding how to ensure employment, boost the economy, and enhance the livelihoods of local people in an orderly manner.

Efficiency improved by online elements

Affected by the epidemic this year, the exhibition events organised by the IPIM strengthened the online-offline integration, breaking the geographical and spatial boundaries, connecting more markets from "point" to "surface", furthermore presenting more business opportunities.

In October, The "25th Macao International Trade and Investment Fair"(25th MIF), "Macao Franchise Expo 2020" (2020MFE) and "2020 Portuguese-speaking Countries Products and Services Exhibition (Macao)” (2020PLPEX) were held, with various enhanced online exhibition functions, including introduction of online exhibition halls, cloud matching, cloud protocol signing, livestreaming, online promotion session, and the launch of a mobile application Scan2Match.

The person in charge of Starspeed-Store Network Technology (Macau) Co., Ltd., regarding their first time in using cloud matching, said that cloud matching can match companies with the same purpose first, thereby making it more efficient. It is also a method that is in line with the social distancing caused by the current epidemic and is worthy of continuous promotion. Another company representative from Yick Sun Clothing, who participated in the live broadcast, pointed out that the live broadcast mode is helpful for enterprises to "test the water" and thus have more confidence to make more good products.

In addition, during the exhibition, the exhibitors were organized to visit and do some consumption in the community, radiating the stimulating effect of the exhibition to the community and boosting the community economy. Since 2017 IPIM started the said community tour, it has attracted the participation of more than 100,000 exhibitors and merchants.

The three concurrent fairs were held with epidemic prevention measures in place, referring to the guidance documents of “The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI)” and the “Guidelines of the Macao Health Bureau” to implement a series of measures, including measuring body temperature, showing the Macao health code, wearing masks throughout the process; usage of long-term antibacterial disinfection coatings and other measures in the venue to prevent epidemics.

Continuing to deepen convention and exhibition services

In the future, IPIM will further strengthen the two-way interaction between conventions and exhibitions and investment promotion, as well as building a platform for exchanges and cooperation between Mainland China, Macao and enterprises from overseas. Including: 1. Strengthen the promotion of the comprehensive advantage of Macao’s cultural, sports and tourism exhibitions conventions, and expand the convention/exhibition + tourism theme promotion to other large-scale mainland events in an orderly manner. 2. Organize large-scale conventions and exhibition in Macao and improve effectiveness through online and offline integration. 3. Introduce diversified convention and exhibition events to be held in Macao to broaden business opportunities. 4. Carry out diversified training, improve the professional level of employees, and enhance the ability of convention and exhibition organizers to organize the relevant events.

Any enquiries about the convention and exhibition services, please contact IPIM by (853) 8798 9148 and pcel@ipim.gov.mo, or visit the website of IPIM: www.ipim.gov.mo.

Exhibitors acknowledged the effect of online services

Exhibitors acknowledged the effect of online services

Exhibitors referring that the online promotion as new models could benefit enterprises in "testing the water"

Exhibitors referring that the online promotion as new models could benefit enterprises in "testing the water"