Many exhibitors and participants recognise that the “Macao Franchise Expo 2019” (2019MFE) has optimised its operation and services and that it has given full play to Macao’s unique advantages thanks to the experience gained the past ten years. They also acknowledge MFE’s role as a platform for the international franchising industry, through which they have achieved expected results.

In response to the Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, this year’s MFE continued to add abundant elements of the Greater Bay Area, facilitate regional co-operation and seize development opportunities by arranging exhibitors groups from the Greater Bay Area cities, “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Business Zone”, and “Greater Bay Area Market Visit – Macao and Zhongshan Tours”. Meanwhile, in order to further leverage Macao’s advantages as a “service platform for business and trade co-operation between China and Portuguese-speaking countries”, the 2019MFE enlarged “Portuguese-Speaking Countries Pavilions”, with more than 20 exhibitors from Portugal and Brazil, which attracted more participating enterprises compared with last year. It also introduced the “New Retail and Business Support Zone”, “Special Brands Area”, and “Renowned Brands Zone”, in addition to the “Gourmet Avenue” and “Branding Consultation Pavilion”, in a bid to help participating merchants find business partners and promote products and services.

Ms Wong, Representative of the Marketing Department of a local tea company which took part in the MFE for the first time, said that the company mainly engages in fresh fruit tea. It currently has six stores in Macao, and will open franchise stores in London in the near future. The company received merchants from Indonesia, the United States and European countries during the MFE. Mr Chen, General Manager of a fresh food retail company in Zhuhai, noted that the company has over 300 convenience stores and supermarkets in Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Jiangmen. It participated in the MFE with a hope to publicise its quality food, and the three-day expo has brought them gratifying results.

Mr Carvalho, representative of a fitness company in Portugal, said the company has set up a number of fitness centres in Portugal. Its business philosophy is to combine fitness equipment that have personalised training programme with personal trainers according to clients’ physical conditions. During the MFE, many participating merchants showed interest and Carvalho expected to reach collaboration in the future.

Mr Kiyoshi Kurihara, representative of a well-known ramen brand in Japan, said that it was his first time participating in the MFE. During the three-day expo, he received co-operation offers from enterprises in Mainland China, Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Macao. He is satisfied with the results of the MFE.

Mr Lao, General Manager of a company engaged in automatic hot drinks vending machines and an exhibitor in the “New Retail and Business Support Zone”, remarked that well developed online and offline payment solutions are of great significance to the expansion of businesses. Each of the automatic drinks vending machines he promoted can offer more than 10 types of hot drinks at a time and the products can be changed as requested by different clients, which attracted many catering businessmen and entrepreneurs. Another exhibitor Mr Chong, Retail Banking Director, pointed out that the bank aimed at  enhancing the public’s understanding of the bank’s services including financing through exhibitions. Joining the fair also allowed him to have more communications with other exhibitors on site to seek co-operation opportunities.

Ms Chan, head of the E-Commerce Department of a local beauty brand and an exhibitor in the newly added “Special Brands Area”, said that the brand has a history of over 20 years in Macao, and that it has also expanded its businesses to Mainland China. In recent years, the company has developed its own beauty products and launched facial mask postcards and beauty products wrapped in small gift boxes by combining its own beauty products with gifts. During the Expo, Ms Chan received many inquiries, and some companies also expressed their intention to co-operate. It is the first time for the company to participate in the MFE, Ms Chan is very satisfied with the results and plans to come again next year.

The “Gourmet Avenue” has been well-received since its inception. Mr Chan, General Manager of the Marketing Department of a cooked food company, said that the company was established in Macao nearly 25 years ago. In addition to cooked food, it also developed a curry sauce and bean paste in recent years. He appreciated the business matching services provided by MFE, which created negotiation opportunities for interested investors with the intention to collaborate and make it easier for exhibitors to find suitable partners.

The “Branding Consultation Pavilion” which continued this year provided brand upgrade consulting services to support those who are interested in starting a business or expanding their business with franchising. Mr Kou, project director of an air purifier company in Hong Kong, noted the company consulted at the “Branding Consultation Pavilion” for brand image enhancement and tailor-made promotional strategies. According to Mr Sio, a tutor on site, many companies have potential products, but they are deficient in branding and promotion, so the “Branding Consultation Pavilion” was just in place as it provided professional advices for these companies.

In addition, a number of projects were signed in the Signing Centre during the MFE. For example, a local coffee and tea company reached an agreement with its partner in Zhuhai. Mr Chan, the company’s director, said that in addition to further consolidating the co-operation relationship, it also serves as a starting point to gradually expand other markets in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Another time-honored trading company in Macao also signed a contract with a company in Zhuhai. Ms Lo, Assistant Manager of the trading company, said that it is going to set up stores in airports for the first phase. The company is also planning to negotiate with cities in the Greater Bay Area cities to further promote Portuguese wine and food.


Participants in business matching sessions at the “Portuguese-speaking Countries Pavilion”


The crowded “Gourmet Avenue”